EcoSave Range of cost efficient and environmentally friendly water softeners

Environmental Water Systems (UK), launches the EcoSave Range of cost efficient and environmentally friendly water softeners

Environmental Water Systems UK, (EWS (UK)) today announced the launch of the new volume controlled counter current range of EcoSave Water Softeners offering reliable and economical operation, along with significant cost savings and reduced negative impact on the environment.

The softeners are volume-controlled plants and therefore extremely economical, allowing the plant to reach its full capacity before an automatic regeneration and exchange between filter tanks takes place. The plant supplies soft water during regeneration enabling con­tinuous operation. The unit runs in reverse flow, i.e. operation and regeneration flow in opposing directions. This results in extremely low salt and water consumption and minimal “leakage” during operation.

Plant is simple in design and configuration can be flexible to suit the plant area available.

The unit is con­trolled by a PLC making it possible to alter the operating conditions. This is connected to a monitor at the front of the panel so that all operating parameters can be monitored.  

There is the additional option of installing a conductivity meter to monitor the rinse stages – allowing potential water wastage reduction by 25-35 %. The conductivity meter will measure the rinse water quality and will halt the rinse cycle when the conductivity meter reaches a pre-set value, normally set at worst case inlet water quality. To measure the quality of the soft water, a Testomat can be installed. This can be set to trigger an alarm if the water hardness increases above a pre-set value. In addition the read out on the monitor will indicate the hardness of the water in the display of the control panel.

Advantages the EcoSave softeners bring to the end user include:

  • Reduction in water consumption by as much as 80% when compared with conventional water softeners
  • Significant cost savings
  • Simple design resulting in less maintenance
  • reliable and safe
  • Typical pay back can be 12 – 18months

EWS(UK) have devised a simple to use cost benefit analysis tool that can give end users a clear idea of the cost savings when comparing to the existing installation or a new softener. As well as giving the expect payback timeframe.

Dave Hayes, Sales Director says “this is a key product for our end users at a time when water shortages are rife. To enable our customers to clearly see the cost and water savings they could be making and over what time frame is an invaluable tool”


Derwent Water Systems