What our customers say...

The TVC results we are getting now are perfect David Howells, Hospital Technician, Royal Shrewsbury

We are very pleased with the System EWS have provided and their ongoing servicing and support of the equipment ensures it continues to run as

Puresep were able to design and install technology to meet Herefordshire ciders complete requirements, resulting in simple and efficient communications and cost effective solutions. The

Due to savings on chemicals and reduction in staffing costs because of the automatic self-sanitisation, the payback on the EndothermMini will be within two years.

We anticipate the cost savings from installing, the EcoSave Softener from Envirogen to be significant giving us a very attractive plant payback period. The saving

Without the assistance and knowledge of Envirogen s I would have been forced to dispose of our effluent to the two regional sewerage works, which

We tasked Envirogen with carrying out a rolling off-site CIP service for our de-aerating membranes. Once refitted a marked increase in performance was noted. A

We chose the PureSecElectrochlorination system due to its high level of safety and efficiency, and the specialised knowledge and recommendations of the Puresep engineers Kevin Cunningham,

Your installation engineer represents your company very well Paul Thomas, Diageo African

Puresep after sales service is far more attractive than any other I can think of Gavin Kilboune, Chief Engineer, Green

The Envirogen Water Technologies Group

The Envirogen Water Technologies Group is a 21st century total solutions provider in water treatment, potable water, waste water and industrial filtration within a number of markets.

It is our goal to help our customers solve complex challenges related to water availability and quality, to increase productivity, reduce costs and help meet environmental regulations and sustainability targets.

We help achieve this by using state of the art technology and innovative solutions that deliver consistently reliable performance at the best lifecycle cost.

The Envirogen Water Technologies Group brings expertise and knowledge through specialist business divisions across the globe, who specialise in key markets, applications or products.

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Addressing product quality and environmental issues for the industrial and manufacturing applications
End to end sustainable water treatment solutions
Compliant and reliant water solutions and services for
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